Are massager guns worth the price?

29 Dec 2020

Are massager gun worth the price?(图1)

Are percussion massager guns worth the price?

In my opinion, yes! They can be a great tool to add to your recovery routine, and with less expensive options available, you can find something that fits into your budget.

If you like to get massages regularly, this is a nice way to loosen up your muscles between massages sessions, especially if you have someone that will use this on your back where you can’t reach.

Since I workout regularly and I’m getting back into my full routines after 5 surgeries in 2 years, a massage gun was a great investment for me personally. I loved the Hypervolt, but decided to go with the Exogun and it works just as good for a fraction of the price.

There are a few other less expensive percussion massagers that work just as well as the full priced brands. If you look on Amazon and read reviews, you can find some good ones at decent prices so you don’t have to spend a lot for one.